PezaPacklite subscription offers zero upfront risk and no capital investment.  PezaPacklite is a simple alternative to expensive and cumbersome applications.

PezaPacklite – Online Die-line & Nested Imposition for Mono Cartons. PezaPacklite provides Dieline templates based on any customsize and pattern. Designer can place artwork design on the template directly and easily with auto generated Product Dieline & create Interlocked Imposition. This saves time, money and trouble at the time of estimation and production. The nested imposition can be used directly for die/punch making and also as a guideline during printing.

Creating Dieline and Nested Layout requires specific expertise and high skills. Dieline and Interlocking Imposition are crucial as they provide the main blueprint for a package design in the box-production process. Our high-performance cloud-based Nested Imposition software provides optimised interlocked layout on the fly. You benefit from increased productivity and profit margins owing to its speed and accuracy.

Procedure to achieve Dieline & Interlocking Imposition

  • Choose from various product templates
  • Enter product dimensions / specifications
  • Obtain Product Dieline  – which can be download in vector format
  • Provision for ‘Bleed’ margin in between vertical & horizontal nested layout
  • Create Nesting / Interlocking layout according to machine/ paper size
  • Layout generated in Vertical and Horizontal formats for appropriate paper grain direction
  • Facility to download Dieline / Punch line in vector format (Postscript/ PDF)

Assists Estimation:

  1. Displays number of cartons per sheet as per layout
  2. Recommends paper trim size for optimum utilisation. For large quantity jobs, paper can be procured as per suggested trim size
  3. Calculates print-run based on cartons per sheet and selected layout pattern
  4. Shows image area per sheet to enable post-print calculation
  5. Provides total length of cutting and creasing line to calculate die / punch-making cost