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Customer Rate Slab

This is a truly unique and customized feature where you do not have to spend time deciding what rate slab to apply to any customer and applying an overall, generalized profit margin for an order, as most printer’s do. Our rate slab is dynamically fixed as per printers’ machines.

Here, our ERP system contains built-in parameters of a customer, such as order quantity, payment mode, credit period etc as well as percentage of profit margin to be applied for each segment/operation of a job or order.  So, you just select and apply the parameters of any particular customer and percentage of profit margin you desire for each segment/operation of the order and our ERP solution generates the appropriate rate slab, including the profit margin, and applies it to that customer. This feature enables you to generate appropriate rate slab of each customer and, at the same time, ensures that you get the adequate profit margin on any order.

  • Automated to extend dynamic layout patterns with real time comparative analysis: creates automatic dynamic multiple layout patterns and highlights the best option, but gives you access to all patterns for analyzing or comparing
  • Highlights Minimal wastage option, ensuring optimum use of paper
  • Makes the process of quotation preparation effortless and time-saving, ensuring enhanced profitability
  • All versions saved for easy reference: you can edit or revise your estimation any number of times…and all versions of these estimations, including edited or revised ones, are automatically saved for reference, comparison or retrieval in future
  • Multiple quantity at the same time: No need to create separate quotations for different quantities. You can specify multiple quantity and appropriate quotation is automatically generated
  • Customer Rate Slabs
  • Secures estimates against CTC (Cost-to-Company) to ensure adequate profit
  • Cost breakdown to the level for each item: Records and lists cost of each and every item cited in the quotation.
  • CTC vs applied: displays cost-to-company versus the cost applied to customer, clearly showing the profit margins
  • Generates PDF

Works for all Packaging, Commercial, Flexo Label, Shrink Sleeves and Digital printing