Inventory Management

Keep track of everything to become effective

Pezasys ERP incorporates three features, FIFO (first in first out), LIFO (last in first out) and Bar coding.

Stock Ageing Alert: If you apply bar coding for materials, our system gives you stock edging alerts, as per the shelf life of any items/materials, thus helping you organise and order stocks as per requirement in advance and  saving future hassles.

Client inventory: Pezasys ERP enables you to maintain inventory of any client’s materials/jobs etc. and generate job wise, month wise or product wise consumption reports, upon demand by a customer.  A report can be created about the quantity and price of a client’s remaining material in your possession.

  • PO (Approval process): System incorporates an approval process at every stage and for any requisition pertaining to an order’s execution, thus eliminating any excess or under ordering or requisition of materials as well as mistakes in ordering.
  • GRN (Approval process): Also incorporates an approval process about the goods received, linked to the PO, to ensure receipt of goods in proper condition, quantity, quality etc. and as ordered.
  • Bar-coding
  • Creates automated indent as per job card
  • Manual control possible: Although the system is automated, manual control and operation at any stage is possible for designated users.
  • Aids you in tracking material consumption
  • Generates report for real-time stock and cost
  • Helps you plan obtaining of tools and materials in the best way to reduce material costs and save money.
  • Helps you maintain thorough inventory of all materials.