Job Card

Ensure smooth and perfect execution of orders 

  • Automated job card on finalization of estimate: After finalization of estimate and order, to execute the order, a job card is automatically created. A job card is essentially a set of internal communication and instructions for all related departments about the order’s execution. This ensures crystal-clear instructions and excellent execution of any order.
  • Department wise breakup of instructions: This ensures optimum control  and  management  of production line and smooth workflow
  • Projection of required material: Automatically creates and displays list of required materials for the order’s execution. Where applicable, this helps you book material or stock in advance to avoid mistakes in production planning. It also helps you see the difference between calculated and planned costs and make the needed corrections.
  • Automatically sends trigger to related departments
  • Facility to print hard copy / PDF
  • Helps you execute repeat orders seamlessly, since entire details of orders are automatically and appropriately stored in the system.