Globally leading ERP solution for Label Printing & Packaging

Dieline & Interlocking Imposition Layout for Folding Cartons.
Auto generates product Dieline & Nested Imposition of mono cartons in vector format.
Optimized layout with Tooling for Labels and Shrink Sleeves.
Auto calculates Decal match for PO; Records details of dispatched material for future reference.
Real-time Dynamic Layout patterns for Commercial Offset Printing.
Facilitates dynamic print layouts for optimum combination of machines and paper sizes.
Efficient Workflow with Detailed Specifics for Digital Printing.
Ensures tracking of First copy / Subsequent copies of each job for improved visibility

Innovative products with Amazing features



Intuitive, user-friendly interface with minimal learning curve


Transactions and data secured on cloud with 128 bit SSL encryption.


Helps avoid costly errors and wastages, ensures massive savings


Cloud hosting ensures access on multiple devices globally.

Pezasys ERP offers fully cloud-based integrated platform designed to provide Commercial, Digital, Packaging and Flexo/Label printing solutions for all types of Printing and Packaging houses.
Each product is equipped with common modules designed to deal with various aspects of your business, such as Estimation, Job card, Scheduling/Prioritizing/Planning, Inventory, Job Tracking, Production, Quality Control, Invoice, Logistics and Business Intelligence/MIS.
Additionally, each of our product is invested with certain special, exclusive and unique features that make Pezasys ERP stand apart from competitors.

Thus, our ERP solutions help you seamlessly integrate enterprise logistics, capital flow, information flow and other business information, enabling you to manage production, inventory, procurement, human resources, quality, finance and other aspects of your business efficiently and without hassle. Our ERP solutions help you expand your business without additional costs.

Pezasys Pvt Ltd is a product development  company based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Pezasys ERP has been developed in-house by two industry professionals with combined 40 years of experience in printing and software product design & development.