Pezasys ERP is designed to meet the needs of SMEs as well as enterprises involved in labels, flexible packaging, mono cartons, and commercial print jobs.
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Pezasys 100% cloud-based ERP has been successfully implemented by over 100 + establishments across India, the Middle East and Africa.
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ERP for Labels

ERP for Flexible Packaging

ERP for Mono Cartons

ERP for Commercial Printing

Cloud ERP for Flexo, Digital, Gravure and Offset Printing

Pezasys entered the Indian industry with its 100% Cloud ERP for printing and packaging, and changed the face of businesses. Pezasys ERP workflow seamlessly integrated Information Flow and Enterprise Logistics, enabling easy management of production, inventory, procurement, QC, Billing, and other processes.

Pezasys ERP helps in generating real-time data and reports for all important parameters, to enable print and packaging manufacturers take quick, real-time decisions. With Pezasys ERP, you can expect smootheroperations, significant growth in productivity, and delivery, profitability, and customer satisfaction.