What is Format Correction in Flexo2022-10-14T16:35:03+05:30

Independent servo of the plate cylinder run differently from the servo running the substrate on the chill drum.
This allows special repeat sizes in exact mm as well as reduction in number of tooling to be procured.

What are the consequences of not generating e-invoices?2022-05-24T10:19:13+05:30

If an e-invoice is not generated, it is considered an offence and attracts penalties. Non-compliant businesses must pay heavy penal provisions fixed at Rs.10,000 for every invoice. Moreover, inaccurate invoicing may lead to a penalty of Rs.25,000 for every invoice.

Apart from the penal provisions, if a taxpayer delays the generation of e-invoice, it may lead to-

  • GST returns not getting auto-filled.
  • Customers are unable to claim eligible ITC.
  • Customers refuse to accept invoice that is not compliant with the e-invoicing provisions.
Can a cancelled e-invoice number be used again?2022-05-24T10:20:22+05:30

No, once an IRN is cancelled, the same invoice number cannot be used again to generate another invoice. If used again, the IRP will reject the same.

Can more than one IRN be generated for the same invoice?2022-05-24T10:20:34+05:30

No, the e-invoice system checks in the Central Registry of the GST system to ensure that the same invoice from the same supplier belonging to the same financial year is not being uploaded again for generating more than one IRN. The IRP will reject such invoices.

Is there a time window within which invoices need to be reported to the IRP for IRN generation?2022-05-24T10:20:46+05:30

At present, there is no such validation on the IRP.

Does a credit/debit note or invoice that needs to be reported to the IRP by a notified person remain valid without an IRN?2022-05-24T10:20:58+05:30

Under Rule 48(4) of the CGST Rules, a notified person has to prepare an invoice by uploading the specified particulars in Form GST INV-01 on the IRP, after obtaining an IRN. Rule 48(5) further states that any invoice issued by such notified persons in any manner other than the manner specified in Rule 48(4) shall not be treated as an invoice. Hence, an invoice or debit/credit note shall become legally valid only with an IRN if it’s being issued by a notified person

What are the common types of Mono Cartons or Folding Cartons in packaging?2019-05-30T11:10:29+05:30

Common types of folding cartons are:

  • Reverse Tuck End
  • Straight Tuck End
  • Tuck Top Auto Bottom
  • Snap Lock Bottom
  • Sealed End
  • Full Flap Auto Bottom

PezaPack has templates of all above types with automated key line and punch line which can be downloaded in vector format and saved in PDF format

What is a dieline in printing?2019-05-14T17:17:44+05:30

A die-line serves as a package template that ensures proper layout for a printed product. It is a diagram that shows all the cut lines and folds of a package in flattened form. They are also used for envelopes, pocket folders and more.

Is our data secure on Pezasys Print & Packaging Management Platform2019-03-26T14:52:24+05:30

When we talk of cloud hosted application, the first concern that comes to the mind is data security. We have addressed this apprehension by going in for the latest SSL protocol which gives enhanced protection to your data. Information you send or get through Pezasys application is strictly confidential as it is in encrypted format.

This reinforced security has been seamlessly integrated in your current application from Sunday, July 29, midnight.

What is SSL/TLS Certificate?
SSL or TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates are data files that bind a cryptographic key to the details of an organization. When SSL/TLS certificate is installed on a web server, it enables a secure connection between the web server and the browser that connects to it. The website’s URL is prefixed with “https” instead of “http” and a padlock is shown on the address bar. If the website uses an extended validation (EV) certificate, then the browser may also show a green address bar.

What is SSL used for?
The SSL protocol is used by millions of online business to protect their customers, ensuring their online transactions remain confidential. A web page should use encryption when it expects users to submit confidential data, including personal information, passwords, or credit card details. All web browsers have the ability to interact with secured sites so long as the site’s certificate is issued by a trusted CA.

Our endeavor is to give you an exciting product with amazing features.

What is cloud & what are its advantages ?2019-03-26T14:48:15+05:30


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