Pezasys has over 17 +modules added for an end-to-end seamless experience that helps you in running your business efficiently from anywhere, while at the same time having every single detail and data at your disposal within seconds! Each module is designed with your requirement in mind and hence fits in with your needs like a glove. Our clients have experienced immense savings in time, energy, human resources, and costs, with our solutions. You will too!

Estimate Generation:
Along with generating a quick and accurate estimate, a unique feature of this module is its customization. With this, you can create a rate slab and apply it to a specific customer. In addition, with the ‘auto layout’ feature, you can also calculate your exact paper/media consumption.

BOM – Bill of Material:
Automates repeat ‘packaging’ jobs that measure up to preset, standard quality norms. It enables users to upload a sample image for easy reference and ensures an error-free output.

Sales Order:
Orders via emails are passe. Now, creating a Sales Order from BOM is a matter of seconds. What’s more! It also helps you to calculate the raw material requirement.

Artwork Management:
This module helps in artwork management at packaging units and helps in ascertaining the real-time status of the artwork (Has the artwork gone to the client, is the ‘die’ ready or not, is the artwork inactive or active and so on and so forth.) You can also upload the sample image here which helps in verifying the accuracy of the job.

Job Card:
This can be created in a single click from the BOM/ from the Sales Order/ or from the estimate! You can also create a job card directly. Saves significant time in the process.

Standard features like PO, GRN (goods received note), gate entry, are available. The bar codes can be mapped to your incoming material. It even considers ‘unused material’ from the shop floor and accounts for it. Accurate calculation of inventory is thus possible.

Purchase Management:
It allows material planning based on real time stock inventory. Certificate of inspection for all incoming material, can be mapped to the GRN.

Helps in prioritising jobs, department wise.

Pre-press Die Management:
The critical activity of ‘die management’ is easily facilitated. Starting from ‘mapping dies to the right products’ to ‘maintaining a record of how many times is each die used’ to ‘calculating die impressions’ to ‘whether the die is manufactured or supplied’ up to the location of the die in the store– it’s a well- managed and well-integrated process.

This module helps maintain important data points such as: The start and end time of every job, department-wise; records the user’s name who has initiated the job with the date and time, and records wastage at every stage. It enables a dynamic SOP checklist for every production department and line clearance with record of previous jobs.

Job Tracking:
The management can track job-status from production to dispatch minute-by-precious-minute.

Work Order:
The work order can be mapped to the specific job card or service.

Quality Control:
Enables ‘in-process,’ and ‘finished goods’ quality check and maintains records of each check. This is extremely helpful during audits, especially for pharma and food packaging units that have stringent requirements.

Invoices, e-invoices and e-way bills can be generated within no time. This is connected to the Government portal (s), so one need not log in separately.

Packing slips, shipper box labels are auto generated. You also get the complete dispatch, logistics as well as raw material details. You can back track the entire process and get all the data you need, at any point in time.

User Management:
Role-based access for every user can be defined. For security, you can block user by static IP outside the factory premises.

All standard reports are generated. With all the data available, even specific reports can be generated at the click of a button.