In carton manufacturing, before any box is made or any package is produced it goes through a process called as die-cutting or dieline. Dieline is a blueprint drawn by graphic designers or die cutters of printing companies. The blueprint is the basis or design on which the package or box is made.

PezaPacklite templates serve as a ready-made design to create boxes or cartons. There are various types of templates that have their prerogatives. These designs or templates can be customised, which makes every dieline unique in its way.

PezaPacklite dieline generator generates designs that can be modified to specific user requirement. With the advent of internet and digitization web-based softwares are on the rise. This software is available on demand as SaaS, making it easily accessible for users.

The dieline or Keyline can be customized by changing the length, width, the height of any carton or a box. The dieline can be downloaded in vector format/ pdf format. The application also helps in calculating cost of the carton.