PezaFlexo ERP
is designed mainly for printing any type of self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves and pouches. Its modules have outstanding features that help you, among others, to generate optimized layouts, auto calculate Decal match and avoid wastage. PezaFlexo ERP offers a cost-effective solution for label printing.

PezaFlexo Unique Features

Tooling : As per customer’s specifications for label printing, PezaFlexo ERP calculates the Around ups, taking into account details such as Along Pair, desired Around Gap with tolerance for the gap and then suggests the best tooling match that is already available in your stock/library or, if needed, suggests the best new tooling to buy.

Layout / Imposition : After the selection of tooling, PezaFlexo ERP takes into account various inputs, such as the number of sets across gap, within and between sets, as well as crucial aspects such as imposition, side margin and eye mark, and generates an optimised layout. This helps you avoid immense losses in terms of material and maintain your reputation and relations with customers. In short, PezaFlexo ERP saves you from erroneous imposition and its dire, business-destroying consequences.

PezaFlexo ensures accurate estimates : PezaFlexo ERP takes into account number of colours, types of inks (water-based, solvent, UV) and auto calculates the rate of plate and also denotes width of paper roll, total length needed for entire job and the job’s paper requirement in square meters or Kg as desired. Additionally, there is a facility to modify applied rate on the fly for particular colour. It also calculates the approximate time to execute the job.   This gives flexibility to decide or change the number of across labels, best costing viz-a-viz cost of plate and die punch. Most importantly, it checklists and records two important but often ignored aspects, Unwinding of Rolls and Core Radius. This facilitates ease of operation and avoids misunderstanding between manufacturer and customer.

Estimate can be easily generated by applying any form of calculation from the methods below using single/multiple/all combinations.

  • Per hour per color
  • Per Sq. Mtr. per color
  • Per hour labour cost
  • Minimum cost

Record of Paper Details : PezaFlexo is equipped with the facility to record the required printing paper and its minute details, such as Paper type, GSM, Adhesive type, Release paper type, GSM and Caliper, Decal width, Decal match, Decal free for easy procurement. (Caliper helps in rotary Die punch making.)

FIFO, LIFO, Bar-coding: Matching a Decal to generate PO is a tedious and time-consuming job, as it requires ‘Matching multiple widths of rolls.’ PezaFlexo is designed to automatically display Decal match and generate an appropriate PO. In case of Decal mismatch, it shows the amount of wastage.

Record of Dispatched Material : PezaFlexo has a feature to record/preserve/store the details of dispatched material. Thus, in the event of complaints from users, details of consumed material, such as make, batch no. etc., manufacturing/processing date and time and dispatch details, logistics, are easily available.

Suitable for : Self adhesive labels, Shrink sleeves, Lami-tubes, Pouches and Wet Glue Labels etc.